Apply from this Rating Request Form.

Requirements :

  1. Rating request has to be submitted at least one month before the tournament start.
  2. Tournament scale is nationwide in minimum.
  3. Tournament format :
    • One-on-One tournament system with no elimination.
    • Minimum of 15 rounds (7 rounds for one day tournament).
    • Minimum of 8 players / division (6 players for one day tournament).
    • Pairing system is either Australian Draw, Lagged Australian (Swiss), or King of the Hill.
    • Time: 25 minutes/player with 10 points/minute overtime penalty (maximum 5 minutes).
    • Dictionary Used: Collins Scrabble Word 2015 (CSW15).
    • Challenge Rule: 5 points/word.
    • Using WESPA Rules v3.
  4. The organizer must include ISF logo in the poster after the request is accepted. Please do not put ISF logo before you receive confirmation.
  5. The organizer shall pay IDR 10.000 / tournament participant.
  6. Any question or inquiry about different tournament format can be sent to christian_oktavius@yahoo.co.id
  7. ISF has the right to cancel or terminate any rating request before and after the tournament if an outstanding condition occurs.